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  Daunno Development’s Triple Play Program is designed to take Design Build Construction to the next level in New Jersey. Combing the efforts of Daunno Realty and Daunno Development, we’ve created a program that provides our clients with turnkey services encompassing all aspects of Residential Real Estate Development including assistance with land acquisition, engineering, architecture, permitting, and construction contracting and management.
Please read along as we show you Daunno’s Triple Play!

The Process: List, Purchase, Construct...Daunno’s Triple Play!

One Down: Listing and selling your current home.

The first step in the process is making the determination that you and/or your family have outgrown your current home or property or are no longer interested in your current neighborhood. Once this is determined and you have decided that the Triple Play Program is the best for you, we would bring in a Realtor from Daunno Realty’s Staff to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis of your property.

Once we have determined an initial listing price and outlined a marketing plan for your home, we will list your property for sale on the Multiple Listing Service,, etc and begin searching for a new home or property that better suites your current needs.

Turning Two: Purchasing a new home or property.

When we’ve weighed all options and our clients are ready to make an offer on a property many of our customers have questions on how to finance a project such as this. Many times, the answer is HUDs 203 (k) loan. Using the FHAs 203k Rehab mortgage program, we can easily provide a means to obtain funds for repairs and/or upgrades in any home. (There is also a conventional renovation loan product now on the market.)

Click here to learn more about how the Daunno Companies customers use HUDs 203 (k) loan to finance their construction projects.

Finally, when financing is in place and we have a binding contract on an ideal location, we begin the design / build process which includes preliminary CAD drawings, a free construction estimate and a detailed proposal.

Triple Play:
Hiring Daunno Development to renovate or re-build your new home.

At this point, your new location is under contract and you are ready to move forward with the final architecture(construction drawings), engineering, and permitting. This process can take as long as 2 months so it is better to begin sooner than later.

Finally, the project is turned over to one of Daunno Development’s Project Managers. So things are not confused, the project managers role will be to help guarantee top quality construction and excellent service to all of our clients. They will also be responsible for attaining the inspections required during the construction process and working directly with you as the homeowner. As the project nears conclusion the project manager will walk the project with you and ask for a punch list of items that need to be addressed. It is their job to make sure these things are taken care of and you are satisfied.

At Daunno Development we take great pride in our work. Our attention to detail, work ethic and the quality of work that we make our sub-contractors provide guarantees complete satisfaction.

***As an added benefit...if your current home should sell before your new home is ready, we can also make arrangements to find you a short term rental.