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Anyone flipping through the yellow pages or driving around their neighborhood can find the names of 15 different contractors in their area and most appear to be reputable businesses. It would seem, to an innocent bystander, that they all bring the same thing to the table when they say; “We are fast, we have the best prices, and we can do anything you ask!” Unfortunately, that is almost never the case and anyone who has had a real estate horror story, can attest to that.

So, rather then making empty claims, we at Daunno Development will do our best to prove to you, why we are dedicated to being, “A Step above the Rest.”

1.) First and foremost, we are not a “Fly by Night” contractor working out of the back of a pick-up truck. Instead, we are an established and successful general contractor and developer with over 90 years experience in the development industry.

2.) Due to our vast knowledge and experience, our staff is more then qualified to take on any project, no matter the size or complexity.

3.) Daunno Development Company will only work with top qualified sub-contractors who are fully insured and have proven track records in the industry. In addition, if you have not already hired architects of your own, we can provide the complete service for you.

4.) Whether we are doing a small addition or a custom home, we will always keep a member of our staff, with a vested financial interest in the successful outcome of the project, on site or on call. Unlike many contractors, we try to build relationships with our clients in order to assure flawless communication and unparalleled customer service.

5.) We at Daunno want to guarantee our customers are happy and are getting exactly what they want. For this reason, we like to give them ample time to think through our proposals and not try to coerce them into something they are not ready for. Holding true to this belief, we mail every proposal first class and give our customers sufficient time to think through their options. Investing in a home is a big decision and we want our customers to be comfortable working with us. 

6.) Although we are willing to work out of the most convenient location for our clients, we encourage everyone we do business with to come into our comfortable office and sit with us in our conference room to discuss any possible work we may do together. Adjacent to the conference room is a fully equipped sample room where we can show you samples of most of the finished products we offer.

7.) With the implementation of our Realty Services Division, Daunno Development now has the ability to: 
  1. Find short term rentals for homeowners whose renovation project requires that they move out of their home.
  2. Find ideal homes / properties for both purchase and renovation, as well as knock down and re-build.
  3. If a homeowner should decide that they have outgrown their home / property and want to take part in Daunno’s “Triple Play Program,” we have the experience and expertise to guide them from the sale of their current home, to the acquisition of a new one, and complete their construction project start to finish.

8.) Competitive pricing is the key in almost any business. Given the opportunity to bid on a persons home is a big deal to us and we intend on giving our future clients the most fair price possible while maintaining our high standard of top quality construction.  

Now that you have heard our case,
please give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are,
“A Step above the Rest.”