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  Daunno Development prides itself as being one of Central and Northern New Jersey’s top design build contractors. Our team can help customers take a project from conception to completion all under one roof! Below please find a summary of our Process from our initial meeting up through the end of construction. The process has been tailored for Design Build customers as well as customers who’ve already engaged an architect and are looking to Request an Estimate.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us today!


Work Evaluation
The process begins when a meeting is set up between a member of Daunno Developments team and you, the potential client. Here, the scope of the intended work is initially discussed. If you have already engaged an architect, great! You are ahead of the game. We will review your plans, walk the house with you, and take pictures and detailed notes on the pending project. 
If not, don’t worry. Daunno’s Design Build team is here to help! In this case, we will sit with you to discuss everything that you need and want in your addition / renovation project.

Once we are clear as to the scope of work, we will review all of the existing mechanical conditions in your home and measure each room that will be affected by the project. At the conclusion of this meeting, we pass the information to our in house civil engineer and he will begin conceptual CAD floor plans.

*** NOTE: Please have a copy of your homes current survey on hand for this meeting. It will be necessary to make preliminary determinations on things such as lot coverage, zoning, and set back issues.

If you already have architectural plans, we will pass the plans and the notes taken during our meeting to the estimating department immediately. If not, we will give the civil engineers in our office the notes and measurements taken during our meeting. They will use this information to draw conceptual floor plans of your proposed project. We offer these floor plans as well as one revision free of charge with our free home estimates. These floor plans will be drawn using CAD (Computer Automated Design) and will be passed to a licensed architect if you decided to go forward with the project.

Using either our CAD plan or yours, we will then prepare a construction estimate and draft a written proposal that will include the contract price and a detailed scope of work. The scope of work will list everything that is included in our proposal so there is no misunderstanding as to what we will and will not be working on for the negotiated price.

It is our company policy to give our clients ample time to think through our proposals and not try to coerce them into something they are not ready for. Holding true to this belief, we mail every proposal first class and give our customers sufficient time to think through their options. We do ask that once the proposal has been reviewed, the clients set up a meeting in our office to go through every aspect of our proposal. This will allow us to answer any questions they may have, adjust the project depending on scope of work and budget, and help you to understand exactly what you are getting for the quoted price.

After the price and proposal have been reviewed and accepted a formal contract between the parties will be drafted and submitted to you, the homeowner. Again, a scope of work will be included as a part of the final contract to further qualify the intended project. This helps insure that there is absolutely no miscommunication and you have a complete understanding as to what's included in our contract. When the contract is signed an initial deposit will be required to cover the cost of planning, permitting, and preliminary job set up. A progressive payment plan will also be outlined in the contract.

As previously stated, if you have already engaged an architect, you are ahead of the game. In this case, we will need your architect to forward us (4) sets of plans. We will need (3) sets of signed and sealed plans to submit during the permitting process and (1) set for our office use. We will make our own copies. 

If you did not have plans and our in house engineers gave you conceptual floor plans, we will then pair you with one of our preferred architects based on specific requirements. These architects will come and “field measure” every inch of your home, prepare “As Built” drawings, and then begin work on the floor plans and elevations for your new home, addition or renovation project. The architect will need to confirm all setbacks, lot coverage, floor area ratios and any other zoning necessary to ensure that this renovation is conforming and is permissible.

Once you have given the architect a final approval of their design, they will confirm structure and send us the (4) sets of plans we need to file permits with the local building department and begin construction.

NOTE: In some cases, proposed renovation projects will be non-conforming to the current zoning. In these cases, the home owner and architect will have to work together and apply for any variance relief required by the town on their own time and expense.

In most cases, a town will take anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks to turn around building permits. Unfortunately, some towns take longer than others. Daunno Developments commencement of work will be in concurrence with the issuance of a building permit.

Once the permits have been issued work will begin. Please understand that the subcontractors performing the work cannot be scheduled until the permits are in hand. At this point your project will be turned over to a project manager to handle the construction.

 So things are not confused, the project managers role will be to help guarantee top quality construction and excellent service to all of our clients. They will also be responsible for attaining the inspections required during the construction process and working directly with you as the homeowner. As the project nears conclusion the project manager will walk the project with you and ask for a punch list of items that need to be addressed. It is their job to make sure these things are taken care of and you are satisfied.

 At Daunno Development we take great pride in our work. Our attention to detail, work ethic and the quality of work that we make our sub-contractors provide guarantees complete satisfaction.

*Please note that all and any subcontractor working for Daunno Development Company carries a minimum of $2 Million Dollars in general liability insurance and a minimum of $500,000 in worker’s compensation insurance.

To discuss the Daunno Design Build Process in further detail,
please call us at 732-396-3995 or Request An Estimate today!

  Daunno currently serves Clark, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, Mountainside, New Providence, Fanwood, Garwood, Springfield, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Chatham, Union, Warren, Watchung, Green Brook, Edison, Metuchen, Colonia, Woodbridge, Red Bank, Middletown, Rumson, Fair Haven, Eatontown, Little Silver, Tinton Falls and Lincroft, New Jersey as well as countless other towns and communities. Please contact us today for a free estimate and complimentary CAD floor plan on an addition, add-a-level, renovation, complete home makeover, or a remodeling project.