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Daunno Development is a family owned and operated real estate development company deeply rooted in New Jersey building and construction traditions. While the company is currently presided over by Rudolph Daunno Jr, the contributions and ideals of his father, Rudolph Daunno Sr. are still a driving force today.

Although the Daunno reputation is based on a history of hard work and excellence in craftsmanship and top quality construction, we are a company in forward motion. We have gained a wealth of knowledge from our 50 + years of management experience and we are looking to a future of new ideas fueled by our younger generation. Experience, hard work, honesty, and integrity are the hallmarks of our success.  

Please meet the Daunno Family:

Rudolph Daunno Jr – President of Daunno Development, Home Builder, and General Contractor - Clark NJ
Rudolph Daunno III – Home Builder, General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, Realtor - Clark NJ
Brandon Daunno – Construction Project Manager, Home Builder, Realtor - Clark NJ
Spencer Daunno – Construction Project Manager, Supervisor - Clark NJ
Marianne Daunno
Financial Manager