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Rudolph Daunno Jr.

As the eldest son in a long line of real estate developers, Rudy has been involved in this business for over 30 years. Starting small under the tutelage of his father, he began his career as a construction laborer, then a carpenter and eventually found his way into construction management for an array of construction companies in Northern New Jersey.

When the opportunity finally arose Rudy was then given the opportunity to become a partner with Cali Associates of Cranford. While with Cali he managed the construction of several office buildings and built town home developments. On a day-to-day basis he handled the construction, contracting, supervision, tenant improvements, for several hundred million dollars worth of real estate development. When Cali went public in 1994, Rudy was offered the position of Senior Director of Property Management and Development where he worked for six years. There, with a staff in excess of 40 people, Daunno managed 50 office properties totaling more then 5 million square feet.

Today, as President of Daunno Development Company Rudy’s main function is to pursue development opportunities for continued growth of the company working tirelessly in pursuit of establishing Daunno Development as a company to be well respected in today’s marketplace.