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Working hand in hand with Solar Aqua Inc, we at Daunno have worked with and installed the following Green Building Products:

Heat Transfer, Inc.Heat Transfer, Inc. offers the Phoenix Ultra High Efficiency Solar-Powered Hot Water Heater.  The Phoenix has a 96% efficiency rating and supplies between 50-75% of the hot water needs of the average home, allowing a fast recapture of investment funds and big savings down the line. It has a built-in gas back-up heater to provide hot water during periods of low sun. Installing this environmentally friendly hot water heater in your home will reduce the carbon footprint of your home by a measure equivalent to planting more than 40 trees.

Caleffi Solar Water Heater - Introducing the first complete Solar Water Heater System in a box!  Caleffi offers prepackaged, specially engineered, complete, integrated Solar Water Heating Systems that make the most of the sun’s abundant energy. All materials are highly reliable and work together to ensure superior system performance. Caleffi's complete package is ready to be professionally installed quickly and easily. All of this plus the added assurance of a detailed warranty plan. Caleffi's Solar Water Heating System is equally compatible with newly constructed or existing homes, and its flexibility allows a variety of installation options, ranging from roof installations to ground mounts.

Rheem Solpak Series – The Rheem Solpak water heating system comes with two solar panels engineered to overcome a variety of mounting hurdles. The Solpak system also comes with the Solaraide tank and works in closed and open loop designs. All of the systems have either been Energy Star certified or are pending certification.

By using these products, we at Daunno can provide:

Excellent Product Performance — Daunno Development, teamed with Solar Aqua, uses Solmetric Tool Sun Eye 210 to plot the angle of the sun for optimum efficiency for your location. This tool is a combination GPS and thermal camera. When used, systems have a 10% to 15% increase in performance.

The Sun Eye 210 is an integrated Shade Analysis Tool for solar site assessment. It includes a fisheye lens on a digital camera and a dedicated on-board processor to perform digital image processing and analysis to compute shading and solar access percentages. It includes an electronic compass and level, and an inclinometer function for measuring roof pitch and azimuth.

Federal Tax Credits — 35% Federal tax credit for systems which produce 50% or more of the house or commercial building hot water and heat needs. Solar Aqua will assist while you navigate the rebate process. Our customers can be eligible for a $1,500.00 federal energy tax credit on Energy Star equipment and all Solar Aqua systems.

Product Pay Back — It is important to note that the system uses panels designed for heat transfer and not for conversion to electricity (more commonly known as “photovoltaic panels”). The advantage of heat transfer panels is that they have much higher efficiencies than their photovoltaic counterparts. Most systems have payback in five (5) to seven (7) years, unlike photovoltaic cells which can take decades.

Product WarrantySolar Aqua backs all systems with a ten (10) year parts and labor warranty and a five (5) year free system maintenance warranty.